The Tattered Veil: Earth, Redrawn


Incity and Outside

Cities are restricted to a 25-mile radius area surrounding the city center, with an additional 25 mile extension beyond that designated for farmland and/or greenhouses (however the city wants to produce their food). Any attempts to build modern structures or implement telecommunications beyond this perimeter is met with extreme prejudice as some unseen, mysterious force (dubbed “Nature’s Wrath”) compels nature to attack and destroy via plant growth and beast attacks. However, see Transportation for the exception to the rule.

“Incity” is anything within the 50-mile radius from city center, with the farmland area simply called “the Farm.” Everything outside the Farm is called “Outside.”

Outside, individual dwellings and small villages are tolerated so long as construction materials are restricted to natural products and sustainable building models: wood, earth (cob, adobe), straw, stone, and hand-crafted brick and glass.

In short, everything originating Outside is of a medieval-renaissance technology level commensurate with any given D&D town or village. Nature’s Wrath will tolerate modern technological incursions, such as firearms and electrical gadgets, for a limited amount of time only. If the incursion is especially disruptive or destructive, that time limit shortens dramatically.


Oil, natural gas, and hydroelectric production has ground to a halt. Dams were destroyed in the Growth, and Nature’s Wrath will not tolerate drilling for anything other than local use of water.  Wind, solar, and magic fuel the needs of city society, produced and sold by the most powerful corporations to those who can afford their prices. Most lower-middle class and below cityzens have only cold-running water and must use beeswax or tallow candles for their lighting needs.


Satellites still orbit the Earth, but only the most powerful corporations have the means and ability to launch new satellites, albeit very infrequently due to the vast amounts of energy it takes. It is always the event of the year when a new satellite goes online.

Satellite communication between cities is limited to official corporate business and is impossible without a corporate access code. Satellite communication and media within the city perimeter is controlled by the corporation that owns the satellite, and can be accessed only by solar-powered electrical gadgets and subscription plans that the corporations sell to the public. The corporations have given themselves the right to monitor all communications between individuals that utilize their equipment.


Automobiles as individual transportation are a thing of the past. There is no room in the cities for cars on the street. Walking, and a subway/elevated train system are the only ways to get around the city.

A single-track monorail system

Like communication, transportation between cities via the Mono is limited to officials. BFA agents

Food Production

Waste Disposal

Rendering Plants