Our Duet Campaigns

“Captain Sal”

It’s a sad fact that most published adventures are not optimized for duet roleplay. It takes a lot of time and work to convert them into something that won’t kill your one- or two-character party. Also, by their very natures, published adventures aren’t tailored to the specifics of your player’s character. Again, it takes a lot of time and work to adjust them to where they are. By that time, you might as well have made up something geared specifically to the character’s background and past interactions.

Sheeloh Coldridge

Because, according to the Principles of Duet Roleplay, when you only have one player, your campaign should be all about his or her character.

The two links below will lead you to a chronological list of posts following the adventures of the PCs (player characters) in our two homebrew D&D 5e duet campaigns. If you can use the adventures as a guideline in designing your own duet campaign, have at it. If you can use them without any changes, fucking awesome.

The Adventures of Captain Sal

“Captain Sal” (short for Salvek) is a Human Fighter (Eldritch Knight) with the Charlatan background.  Sal is my spouse’s character. His name appears here in quotes because he isn’t really Captain Salvek. My spouse supported his background with the information that he assumed the name and rank after killing the original Captain Sal in a duel he didn’t really want to be in. Since the mercenary company’s 2nd in command liked him better than the original Salvek, she decided she’d go along with it and backed him up when he presented himself as the company’s new Captain. The company eventually broke up and Sal started his solo adventures in the hodgepodge medieval fantasy world of Merterra.

The Adventures of Sheeloh Coldridge

Sheeloh is a Human Warlock with the Sage background. He is my character. I chose the Great Old One otherworldly patron for two reasons: 1) I love the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, and 2) he gets a telepathy ability at 1st level. Sheeloh comes from a family of rural and remote evil warlocks who all share a Fiendish patron. Sheeloh isn’t evil and did not want to partake in his family’s schemes and powerplays, so he searched in old books for a way to break the pact with the fiend. When he reached adulthood and the time came for his initiation rite into the fiend’s service, he spurned his family and their patron for Nyarlathotep and left home for the big city. Sheeloh is now a BFA Agent in the Tattered Veil campaign.