The Adventures of Captain Sal

captainsal“Captain Sal” (short for Salvek) is a Human Fighter (Eldritch Knight) with the Charlatan background.  Sal is my spouse’s character. His name appears here in quotes because he isn’t really Captain Salvek. My spouse supported his background with the information that he assumed the name and rank after killing the original Captain Sal in a duel he didn’t really want to be in. Since the mercenary company’s 2nd in command liked him better than the original Salvek, she decided she’d go along with it and backed him up when he presented himself as the company’s new Captain. The company eventually broke up and Sal started his solo adventures in the hodgepodge medieval fantasy world of Merterra.

Here are the posts that describe the current adventures of Captain Sal, in chronological campaign order. The first post is an encounter-by-encounter account of the adventure, the rest are more summaries of what happened.

  1. Rescuing Ash
  2. NPC Backstories: Ash
  3. Into the Tunnels: the Drow Girl Strikes Back
  4. NPC Backstories: Lula
  5. Doroth’s Grace
  6. Delvinia City: Burlap Children
  7. Delvinia City: Cult of the Barbed Demon
  8. The Road to Ravensgate