About Esme

Esme Took

Esme Took spent her formative years on Hoth, shoveling snow and freezing her face off. She sought refuge from the cold in a trans-dimensional library, where the sentient books taught her how to travel through space and time and the speed of thought.

As a young woman, she caught the attention of a ragtag band of vampires, who kidnapped her and dragged her along for almost a decade to document their adventures.

Tragedy struck when a vortex opened up and sucked her in, trapping her in an extra-planar prison which sapped her brain and prevented her from remembering how to thought-travel.

All hope was lost until one day a water faerie happened upon her and showed her the way out. The going was long and difficult, but as more faeries and other fantastic creatures came to light the way and she finally escaped.

Finally reunited with her vampire companions, and bolstered by the magic of her new faerie friends, Esme lives among the warm dunes of Arrakis.  There, she continues to document the adventures of vampires and faeries alike, and practices thought-travel at every opportunity.

She can be reached either at the gaming table or the bottom of her coffee cup.