NPC Backstories: Lula

lula2Lula Bree Liani Drusella Lorella Sharpwhistle is a Forest Gnome Wizard and a new, trusted friend of Captain Sal. She developed a talent for organized magic at a young age. Unfortunately, there’s not much opportunity for research and study in the forest. So, she took to a life of adventuring to fulfill her desire to both see the world and discover more of the magic arts.

Somewhere along the way Lula became attached to the University of Delvinia in the capitol city. The University supported and sponsored her research into ancient Merterra’s civilization before the Firestorm, and funded excursions into the field in search of ruins and other archaeologically important sites.

One of her searches brought her to Greenhaven. According to her research, the town of Greenhaven is the approximate pre-Firestorm location of the Temple of Mundi Dei, a religious center that had been swallowed up by an earthquake during the Firestorm 500 years ago. It was in the Greenhaven Inn one evening where she met Captain Sal, Valerius, and Donella. It was lucky for them that she was there.

When the Drow attacked the temple of Vivilea and kidnapped Ash, Lula was right there with them to help get him back. When the Drow girl cut the rope bridge causing the party to plummet down the mine shaft, Lula was there with her Featherfall spell to save all of their lives.

At the bottom of the mineshaft, Lula realized that this was the mine she was looking for. The mine where, 70 years ago, the miners had broken through a wall leading into the Temple of Mundi Dei and unleashed an ancient evil…