NPC Backstories: Ash

Before I go any further in summarizing the Adventures of Captain Sal, allow me to fill you in on the backstories of his 3 adventuring companions.

My son had gone home to Michigan, which left our 5th Edition D&D campaign down to only me and my spouse. With my son’s Rogue out of the picture Captain Sal needed a new sneaky type. Ash, the half-Drow youth they rescued in the first adventure, was going to be it but first I needed a backstory for why he would know Roguey things when he grew up in a brothel/temple. While I was coming up with the reason, a future evil sonuvabitch NPC presented himself. And so the past couple years for Ash have been horrendous…

ASH, Half-Drow Rogue

ashAsh is the product of rape on a priestess of Vivilea by a raiding Drow warrior 15 years ago. As was decreed by his mother’s faith, she kept the boy and raised him in the temple where she prostituted for the church. Though accepted by the other priests, the worshippers and townspeople treated him coolly.

When he was 13, a Bard (Nigel Silverlute) with exotic tastes tried to buy his favors. When denied, the man ambushed and tried to rape him. Ash was saved by a Tiefling Rogue from Delvinia City who sent the man packing. The Rogue, Jessamae (who ties into Sal’s backstory), needed a place to hide out for a while, so Ash hid her and more. He visited every day with food and news of goings on in the town. In return, Jess started teaching Ash the art of being sneaky.

Furious over being denied by Ash and bested by Jess, Silverlute followed Ash one day, hoping to catch him unawares. Instead, he found out about Jess. Silverlute orchestrated a robbery and blamed it on Jess, leading the authorities straight to her. Ash attempted to rescue Jess from jail, but was caught and put in the stocks overnight. In the morning, the authorities hung the Tiefling Rogue.

While still reeling from the shock and loss of his new friend and mentor, Silverlute bribed the town guards to release Ash into his custody. He too Ash to his inn room, where he sexually abused the boy for several days under castings of the Silence spell before leaving him alone and leaving town. Blameless, but ashamed nonetheless, Ash never reported or mentioned the incident.

Two years later, at age 15, at a time when Ash was considering leaving Greenhaven to make his own way in the world, the Drow who raped his mother returned. She died trying to protect him, but his Drow father kidnapped him, intending to sacrifice him in order to restore Llolth’s favor to their failing House.

And that’s where the 1st-level adventure Rescuing Ash begins.


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